My name is Venus and I live in a Sexless Marriage

  Are you tired of the rejection in your marriage?

  Are you tired of feeling lonely night after night while your spouse lies next to you?

  Are you frustrated beyond words and can’t believe your spouse has committed you to a life a celibacy without any say in the matter?

I know you are. I get it. Trust me, it’s not just you.

Sexless marriage sucks. There’s no two ways about it. Somehow, we have found a partner that doesn’t appear to have the same drive we do. How the hell did we manage to do that? We certainly didn’t get into this relationship thinking it would be sexless.

Let’s face it, if you are hungry and you need food you go to the refrigerator,  grocery store, or to a restaurant.

You are hungry and need sex, where do you go if you can’t turn to the partner you love most?

Let me tell you about SAM (Sexless And Married)

SAM is an investment banker in Chicago.  He’s 45, married for 14 years, has 2 kids and hasn’t had sex with his wife in months. He feels lost, disconnected, unsure of himself and lonely. His wife won’t have sex with him and he doesn’t know why. She refuses to discuss it with him.
While he’s on Facebook an ad pops up. He clicks the link and reads the blog post. Suddenly he realizes it’s not him and that there are many others in this SAM world living the life he is living. He feels validated, but needs to express himself because he can’t strike up this conversation with his closest friends.

My name is Venus and I live in a sexless marriage.

I get it.

After living in Sexless Marriage for years I finally found the courage to discuss with DH. With that came therapy, an emotional breakdown, followed by subsequent years of healing.

Now I find myself here, HAPPY! I have a passion for my career and zest for love, life, family and friends!

It’s true. I found my happiness and I want to help you find your happiness.

I am here for you.

SAM came to me looking for help, for guidance on how he to cope living in a sexless marriage.
As SAM and I worked together and he recognized his values, learned to love himself, and live the life he was meant to live.
I am here for all of the SAM’s in the world. The men and women who find themselves in sexless relationships and don’t understand how or why they ended up here.

As a life coach I work with people who live in a sexless marriage.

Finally you have someone you can open up to about your most personal passions and frustrations. Your privacy is important to me and I will never share your story with others.  

I love helping people. I would LOVE to help you. I am the friend and confidant you’ve been looking for and I want to help YOU find your HAPPY.

CLICK HERE to schedule some time to talk, or email, or text… whatever works best for you.  

I’m here for YOU.


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