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Forgive and move on. 

I’ve been struggling at home lately. The latest situation happened recently when I was taking my daughter to practice and we were late due to a school event. My daughter told me I needed to email the coaches to let them know she would be late for practice.

I was driving, so I asked hubs, who was also driving home, if he could send them a quick email to let them know.

He said no.

I understood his reasoning. By the time he sent the email she would already be there. She insisted we needed to email and him telling me no just set me on fire. It brought back memories of when he was too busy going to the gym instead of helping me with the babies in the evenings at home.

Suddenly it all came together. It was like a lightning strike.

I never forgave him.

I never forgave my husband and used his former issues as a reason to feel triggered by his actions.

So right then and there I forgave him.

Then I took it a step further. I forgave MYSELF.

I forgave myself for letting our sexless marriage continue for as long as it did.

I forgave myself for never addressing the issues.

I forgave myself for ignoring the years of red flags.

I forgave myself for everything.

I could NOT believe the relief I felt! The weight on my shoulders had been lifted in that moment. It was amazing!

Forgive yourself. You deserve it.