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Guest post YOLO

Guest post by Curious George. George takes on the “what if” in his marriage (which is a pretty healthy and happy marriage in my opinion)

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I’m 48 and I’m watching friends of mine develop illnesses that are generally age related. A few have had heart attacks. So what happened if my wife was suddenly single again?

What are the joys and pitfalls of dating today that many of us haven’t experienced in years?  What’s new?  What would we need to start doing that we (currently) think is insane?  And how many of those things would we actually consider doing despite the fact that we don’t do them now?

You’ve seen the shows. You’ve read social media. You’ve listened to the radio. Naked selfies. Man (or woman) scaping, theeesomes, skinny dipping, you name it. What things are singles doing to “compete” in today’s dating scene and which would you be willing to consider doing if you found yourself there?

Maybe it’s naked selfies, for example. You balk at the idea now when your spouse asks, but in the back of your mind MIGHT you be willing if you felt it was now a requirement of the modern dating process?

Then ask yourself this …

Why is some strange man/woman, that you’ve never met, ‘worthy’ of this treatment and your current spouse is NOT?

It’s never too late to try something new with your spouse. If there’s something you haven’t done because the topic hasn’t come up, or because your hoping they won’t ask (but you know you’d be willing to give it a try) then why wait?  Do those things now with the person you’ve trusted for years rather than put it off and wonder why (as you’re doing it with someone new) you cheated your ‘trusted’ spouse of such (possible) joy.