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Being Mindful in Sexless Marriage

Have you practiced being mindful in your sexless marriage?

Let’s face it, you can’t be mindful “in” your sexless marriage, but you can use those techniques to help get you through.

I’ve talked about loving yourself, and proclaiming that love for yourself. Have you tried it yet? It is SO impactful. DO IT NOW!

Being able to love yourself gives you the ability to free yourself from the day to day drudgery that is sexless marriage. Once you figure this part out, you can look at your partner who has forced you into this sexless marriage and take charge of your emotions.

Here is a great article I found on one of my FAVORITE websites, ElephantJournal.com. The author speaks about authenticity, and that’s part of being mindful.

If you see any other inspiring articles on www.elehantjournal.com let me know! During my darkest times, Elephant Journal gave me hope and light.